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Is your yard bigger the 600m2? Or you're unsure of the size?
Unsure of the size of your yard? Try this link for more information.

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Not sure of your yard size, got acreage, or you don’t know which pack to choose? Send us your details and we’ll do the rest for you. 

We need to know your address so we can use satellite maps to measure your yard. This will ensure we give you an accurate quote.
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How Big Is Your Lawn?

100 square metres (100m2) is a fairly standard size for Australian lawns but many of us have much bigger. As a rough rule of thumb, a tennis court is about 200m2. So if your lawn is about the size of half a tennis court, you’ve got a 100m2 lawn. 

Tennis Court. Aerial view photography
Roughly 200 square metres.

Measure Your Yard!

You can measure your yard by using the map at Queensland Globe. The video below shows you how to do it.