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The Green Pack provides the nutrients your soil needs to grow lush grass. Offering our high-quality liquid fertiliser, for long lasting green turf.
High-End Fertilizer

Our high-end liquid fertiliser contains strong nitrogen and phosphorus content helping your grass in any conditions.

cost effective lawn care
Cost Effective

Get lush green lawns for with monthly payment starting at just $150 for a 100m2 yard.  

Healthy Lawns

Healthy and resilient lawns that remain lush and green all year round.

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What to expect

From basic weed control and fertilization to total yard care, our solutions are tailored to help you achieve a lawn you’ll love. 

To start, a TurfTek specialist will visit your property to perform a Healthy Lawn Analysis to determine the best solution for your lawn.

Every four to six weeks, at TurfTek technician will visit your property to perform your services.  

Your TurfTek technician will provide you with a service summary. They will also share tips and suggestions for care in between treatments.

We’ll come out as often as needed to ensure your satisfaction, even if you don’t have a visit scheduled.

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TurfTek is here to take care of all your lawn care needs. Our highly-trained specialists are here to advise you on the best solution for your yard.